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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today ... Jim Gilmore in Charlottesville

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Gilmore will be in Charlottesville today, Wednesday, July 30, at 2:45 p.m. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and welcome our Republican candidate.

Sam's Kitchen is located at 1403 Emmett Street (just south of the Rt. 250 bypass across from Bodo's). Drop by or, if you know you can make it, give a shout to Debbie.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

I Wish Mark Warner Had the Guts....

To really let his inner Liberal come out. Back when he was the Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia he was more honest about his true feelings, consider:

The Gilmore campaign distributed a quote Mark Warner made on May 25, 1994 attacking the NRA. In the quote, Mark Warner said: “One of the things you are going to see is a coalition that is just about completely taken over the Republican Party in this state and if they have their way it's going to take over state government. It is made up of the Christian Coalition, but not just them. It is made up of the right-to-lifers, but not just them. It's made up of the NRA, but not just them. It is made up of the home schoolers, but not just them. It's made up of a whole coalition of people that have all sorts of differing views that I think most of us in this room would find threatening to what it means to be an American.”

Now this is Mr. twenty (20) point lead in the polls. Why can't he be honest with us all, and just give these stump speeches again? Jeff Frederick the Republican Party Chairman has nothing to hide in his ideology. It must be good to go through life not knowing you are hoodwinking, deceiving and lying to every one at every opportunity.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mark Warner has been contradicted by . . . Mark Warner

Former Governor and current Senate candidate Mark Warner has been spouting for months that he had to raise taxes on Virginians in 2004 in order to balance the budget (perhaps you've seen him mention this on TV). Well, now we have found someone who can put that nonsense to rest.

His name? Why, it's Mark Warner! Here's what I mean (Heartland Institute, emphasis added):

The governor’s proposed biennial budget includes nearly an 8 percent increase in FY 2005 and nearly 4.5 percent increase in FY 2006. The governor has suggested the $1 billion tax package is needed to prevent cuts in the budget, fully fund Medicaid, re-fund the rainy day fund, and implement “standards of quality” (SOQ) improvements in education.
Now, "fully fund Medicaid" sounds innocent enough, but in reality it meant continuing Warner's policy of expanding socialized medicine, a plan that added over $1.5 billion in spending to the FY05-06 budget, more than Warner's entire tax increase.

Mark Warner knew even in 2004 that his tax increase was not necessary, but he hid the new spending behind the "fully fund Medicaid" phrase in the hope that voters, the press, and legislators wouldn't notice, and it worked - until last weekend.

I've asked before; I'll ask again. Do we really want a Senator who busted the state's finances in order to move Virginia closer to the "single payer" health nightmare? Wouldn't it be better to vote for the guy who refused to do this?

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Bloggers 4 Jim Gilmore adds 23rd, 24th & 25th bloggers

Three new bloggers just joined Bloggers 4 Jim Gilmore. J.R. Hoeft from Bearing Drift, Jason Biebeau, of The Augusta Water Cooler, and Eric Martin's On The Spot.

Even though the MSM is trying it's best to convince Republicans that they just need to roll over and give this US Senate seat to Warner; reality is that Bloggers are the faithful. Bloggers care enough to get involved, and fight it out in primaries, because they care about the direction of their Party. Now it's becoming more and more evident that even though we had our differences; this US Senate race is ultimately about the direction of Virginia and this Nation!

Governor Gilmore was a solid Conservative who advanced smaller government, lower taxation, Pro-Gun, & Pro-Life legislation his entire career. He is reviled by the left, and RINO's in his own party for delivering the largest and longest lasting tax cut in Virginia's History.

He refused to socialize health care in the Old Dominion, and he will fight it in the US Senate. Mark Warner has proven he wants Hillary Care, is against off-shore Drilling (no matter what he says this week), and drilling in ANWR.

Governor Gilmore is second to none on National Security credentials, where Mark Warner was a cell phone salesman...

Thank You one and all Conservative Bloggers, and if there are more of you, again there's no secret handshake, get in touch with us, and if you truly support Governor Gilmore you're welcome under our tent.

Again this is a solid indicator, that the GOP base will come around and get behind Gilmore's candidacy. As for the RINO's who want to hold out, you better remember you're helping a Liberal in Conservative's clothing to raise personal income tax rates, capital gains, and corporate taxes, socialize healthcare, and continue the same energy policy that has given us $4 a gallon gasoline.

How is that going to help your big businesses? Keep pouring money into a guy who will take us that much closer to socialism... so your grand kids can look at you and say... Gee GrandDaddy, why did it all get so screwed up? What did you do grand daddy? Why did you support Warner? He was never a Conservative, he just played one on TV.... and with your donation money to boot!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Warner rock star treatment ... Staunton NL questions use of non-profit facilities

"How come Gilmore wasn't invited for a celebrity jaunt in the famous limo? " -- Staunton News Leader, 7/22/08

I can't believe I'm going to say this but ... I agree with today's Staunton News Leader editorial. In fact, I wrote about this issue twice last week on this blog, questioning the use of tax-subsidized non-profit organizations and city resources to welcome a political candidate who, in this case, happened to be Mark Warner who is running against my candidate of choice, Jim Gilmore.

The NL editorial board also looked questioningly on the red carpet treatment that was afforded Mark Warner at the expense of taxpayers. They wrote:
... what looked out of place was Beverley Street closed down so Warner could use a microphone outside the Dixie Theatre and tell his supporters what he would do for Virginia if elected. He didn't seem like a politician stumping for support — he looked more like a celebrity offering his fans cherished face time.
Not only was Beverley Street closed down but the parking in that entire block of the Dixie Threater was blocked the day before which disrupted shopping at all the stores along that end of the street. The microphone set up on the stage on the street that Warner used to address 50-75 people made me wonder if Democrats thought more people would show up ... otherwise, that small group could fit inside the Dixie Theater.

Saying they have nothing against candidates campaigning through the Valley, the News Leader added:
But when the city and publicly funded entities like the Dixie Theatre and Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library roll out the red carpet for a campaigning politician, something is wrong.
The Staunton Performing Arts Center put in the request to have Beverley Street closed, and it was done. Then he was whisked away for a ride in President Wilson's Pierce-Arrow for a trip to the presidential library. The pomp and circumstance would be wonderful for an elected representative who has actually gotten something done for the library, but for a candidate? How come Gilmore wasn't invited for a celebrity jaunt in the famous limo?
When taxpayer money supports organizations, their respective boards need to be careful how they get played by political parties welcoming candidates.
Wonder how much taxpayer money was spent to have police on standby and the street closed down ... wonder how much revenue was lost by local businesses who suffered through blocked parking on Wednesday and a blocked street on Thursday ... wonder how much it cost the Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Blackfriars to open their facilities and welcome Mark Warner? How much did it cost to have the Pierce-Arrow carry Mark Warner around town?

And, most of all, I wonder who made the decisions for all of this to take place.

See McCloskey's political cartoon.
See Chris' post here.

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Hollywood liberals backing Mark Warner

Mark Warner received financial donations from extreme Hollywood liberals such as Barbra Streisand, Norman Lear, and Bette Midler. Why, you may ask, are they interested in contributing to someone running for senator from Virginia? They want to see Virginia turn purple or even blue and are willing to put their $$ behind that to build a force nationwide.

When a conservative plunks down his/her hard-earned money to see one of these entertainers or their productions, Hollywood liberals are taking your money and using it against you in our senate race.

Hollywood liberals are backing Mark Warner who does not want to drill off-shore or in ANWR to relieve gasoline prices at the pump. Hollywood liberals are contributing to the stone-walling of preventing energy exploration in this country while foreign oil interests continue to rake in our fuel dollars and drill off our shores.

Do you want Mark Warner and his Hollywood liberal-backing friends to represent the people of Virginia? Or would you rather have Jim Gilmore from his blue-collar Henrico County, Virginia, background who has worked hard over the years to represent you while serving in the Army, while serving as a prosecutor in Henrico, while serving at Attorney General for Virginians, and then while serving as Governor where he campaigned on the "no car tax" promise ... and kept it?

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Who can Virginians trust?

Mark Warner's Lack of Straight Talk during the Homestead Debate

The Jim Gilmore for Senate Campaign issued the following statement today citing the lack of straight talk from Mark Warner during the first Virginia U.S. Senate campaign debate held this past weekend at The Homestead in Hot Springs.

"During the debate, Mark Warner told us that while he was governor he "'leveled with the people of Virginia' about why he raised their taxes $1.4 billion in 2004," said Gilmore for Senate Communications Director Ana Gamonal.

"Yet the facts show that after having pledged repeatedly during his campaign for Governor that he would not raise taxes, Mark Warner did just that despite having received letters earlier in 2004 from his Secretary of Finance, John M. Bennett that showed state revenues were on the increase prior to passage of the largest tax increase in Virginia's history."

"Mark Warner also claimed during the debate that the tax hike he obtained, despite growing evidence of a state surplus, helped set the 'course straight for Virginia's future', yet as recently as last week current Gov. Tim Kaine announced the need to re-set the current budget due to an imminent budget shortfall," Gamonal said.

"What this shows is what Virginia's working families know all too well, Mark Warner is a typical ’say anything to get elected politician' who hasn’t been truthful with the people of Virginia," Gamonal said."

-- From the Jim Gilmore for Senate campaign

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Jim Gilmore bloggers conference today

New Media Strategies sponsored a brick-and-mortar/phone press conference with Governor Jim Gilmore Monday afternoon. With 25 bloggers in the room and another half dozen on the phone, Jim Gilmore had the opportunity to address familiar issues and to address issues that were raised by those participating in the conference.

I would like to thank New Media Strategies for the invitation to sit in (by phone) on what I consider to be one of the better phone conferences I have participated in. It was, by no means, the first time Gov. Gilmore has met with the bloggers; in fact, this was probably the fourth or fifth time since the nomination process was decided. He has been very accessible.

The Governor has an understanding of the internet and bloggers, having chaired a committee that studied the possibility of internet taxation for three years. Not only did the committee debate the pros and cons of taxing the internet ... and, thankfully, they decided against doing that ... they created new policies on internet technology.

He also understands the importance of the internet in communication. Communication, he said, is everything ... especially in politics where it is essential to get the word out ... disseminate information ... be in touch with the citizens. Communication goes to the heart of it all. Bloggers are able to get the message to the people in a way the mainstream media cannot and often will not. Bloggers can begin a conversation and have ongoing debate while print media is limited in what it can do.

He reiterated his stand as he did at Saturday's debate at the Homestead ... trust and energy are his biggest concerns because the people of Virginia are in distress and expressed concern over high gas prices preventing home purchases and cutting deeply into their financial resources.

But the question that I found the most interesting was from a blogger who wanted to know what we should be doing for terrorism preparedness on the home front that we are not doing. Since Gov. Gilmore had chaired the Gilmore Commission on Terrorism prior to 9/11, he was very well-versed on what he felt we should be doing to be prepared for future attacks, and my interest is probably in the fact that homeland security is my number one issue.

Communication again came up ... he said the bloggers and the internet would be vital in disseminating information about a threat. He said people needed to be alerted to the nature of an attack, what to expect, and how to respond if there is an attack because it needed to be put it in the proper perspective to avoid panic. The internet could be essential to getting the word out.

Gilmore, who blogs at the Virginia Patriot and who was the only presidential candidate to have a blog last year, said he saw no reason to stop blogging if elected to the U.S. Senate because blogging offers a way to reach out and talk with people.

He talked a long while on energy and the need for the U.S. to become energy independent by drilling for oil and gas in ANWR and off-shore. The Chinese, after all, are drilling with the Cubans off our coast and, with 112 billion barrels of oil available in the U.S., drilling must be done. Other energy resources to be developed include conservation of energy, alternative resources such as wind power and solar, the use of coal and other natural resources, nuclear power, and building refineries. But the heart of the matter, he said, is to bring in that domestic oil that is available in the U.S.

Great phone conference, great opportunity to hear from Gov. Gilmore, and again I'd like to thank New Media Strategies for the invitation.

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Energy, taxes, & trust dominate Homestead debate

Update from Jim Gilmore for Senate campaign about Saturday's debate at the Homestead....

Energy, taxes dominate first debate ... The News Leader:
HOT SPRINGS — Who do you trust, Virginia? That was the central theme Saturday as former Virginia governors Jim Gilmore and Mark Warner squared off in their first senatorial debate as they battle to succeed retiring Republican Sen. John Warner. Energy policy and taxes dominated the hour-long debate at the Homestead resort. Gilmore, the Republican candidate, repeatedly touted his plan to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling and hammered Warner over tax increases during his term as governor, while Warner emphasized his opposition to drilling in ANWR and attacked Gilmore for his "Drill Now, Drill Here" approach.

"We have to have a United States that has a decisive energy policy," Gilmore said, which, he added, includes more domestic oil production by drilling in ANWR and starting increased offshore oil exploration.

Read more from The News Leader.

Who do you trust? Jim Gilmore kept his promise to reduce taxes. Mark Warner promised to not raise taxes and then broke his word. See Mark Warner's 2001 promise here.

Gilmore, Warner clash over tax plans, energy ... The Washington Times
Mr. Gilmore cited publicly available letters from 2004 from Virginia Secretary of Finance John M. Bennett showing that state revenues were on the increase prior to passage of Mr. Warner's landmark tax package - an initiative that contradicted Mr. Warner's campaign pledge. He also accused Mr. Warner of changing his stance on drilling to help reduce gas prices, saying the Democrat has only recently included offshore oil exploration in his energy plan.

Read more from The Washington Times.

Just like 2001, Mark Warner is changing his positions. See footage of Mark Warner shifting positions here. On the flip side, Jim Gilmore is a straight forward leader who does what he says he is going to do.

Gilmore, Warner mix it up at debate ... The Daily Press
Gilmore sought to pin down his opponent on offshore drilling, where the two men have fundamentally different views. Given voter outrage over high gas prices, it has emerged as the top policy issue and will likely continue to grab headlines as the campaign heads to the fall. Gilmore favors drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and off the U.S. coast. He says increased domestic oil production is the quickest route to reducing the cost of gas because it will send a message to oil markets that the U.S. is serious about energy independence. Warner is against drilling in the Arctic because Congress set aside that area as a refuge and because of security concerns over the required pipeline. He favors lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling and allowing individual states to decide the matter. Gilmore said the Democrat's position on offshore drilling was "all fuzzed up."

Read more from the Daily Press.

Round 1: Gilmore scores one on Warner at Homestead debate ... SWAC Girl
Gilmore, in my opinion, hit the ball out of the park when he reiterated the 2004 tax issue. Gilmore said that in 2004 Warner pushed for a $4 billion tax increase that he had told Virginians he would not ask for and, while the issue was being debated in the General Assembly, his own secretary of finance notified him that state revenues were growing at an amazing rate ... 22.5% in March and another 22.5% in April ... but Warner kept that information to himself and did not tell the people of Virginia.

Read more of SWAC Girl's debate coverage here.

Jim Gilmore is a candidate you can trust to keep his promises to the people of Virginia. Mark Warner has a history of making promises and breaking them once elected. Let's elect a prinicpled leader who does what he says he is going to do.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Round 1: Gilmore scores one on Warner at Homestead debate

The mainstream media have turned in their reports on Saturday's debate at the Homestead between Republican Jim Gilmore and Democrat Mark Warner, and the general consensus was the debate was a draw.

Think about it. The MSM cannot bring themselves to say that Jim Gilmore scored more points and won that debate. The media's "protective bubble" around Mark Warner continues ... but Jim Gilmore is ready to pop that bubble with hard-hitting facts that, until now, have been mainly ignored by many in the press.

Gov. Gilmore punched hard at energy issues and the need for Virginians to be able to trust their leaders. At times he left Warner looking uncomfortable as the verbal barbs went back and forth between these two former Virginia governors ... one who has been scrutinized to the nth degree by the media ... the other who has been largely given a pass.

This debate was reminiscent of two years ago when the Virginia Bar Association hosted the Allen-Webb debate in the same room. Refreshments were set up outside the room so folks were able to mingle and talk while sipping a last cup of coffee or other caffeinated beverage ... and snacking on a large Homestead cookie ... call it "breakfast dessert."

The actual debate set-up was different ... stage was at opposite end of the room than it was in 2006. While Allen stood on the left and Webb on the right sides of the stage that year, this time it was the way it should be for a Republican ... Jim Gilmore was on the right side and Warner was on the left. It was a good crowd and much media coverage.

The introduction:
Shortly after 11:00 the announcer welcomed everyone for being there and then, to introduce the candidates who were waiting out-of-sight, he first called Gov. Jim Gilmore's name. Applause, applause, applause ... but no Jim Gilmore. I was looking in the direction the media had their platoon of cameras pointed because I figured they knew something I didn't but after about 15 seconds or so and no sighting of Gov. Gilmore, I looked to the left -- nothing. Then back to the right, then scanned the doors to see if he was coming in from the back of the room and maybe shaking hands along the way. The applause died down ... still no governor. I laughed and thought to myself, "I've seen this in the movies!" The announcer told the crowd there was an audio problem so everyone talked amongst themselves as they waited. Shad Plank has the explanation of the audio issue that caused the delay.

The second introduction:
When everything was ready to go, the announcer again introduced, first, Gov. Gilmore and then Gov. Warner. They both came out to applause, waved at the audience, and took their places on stage. After a few instructions from the moderator, David Broder of the Washington Post, we were ready to go.

What stood out about Governor Gilmore's message?
I heard two themes from Jim Gilmore: who do you trust to keep his word, and energy.

Do you trust the man who told you 20 times to your face that he would not raise taxes, and then pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history (while the state was enjoying a substantial surplus), or the guy who said he would cut the odious car tax, and followed through by doing it?

Gilmore believes in tapping into domestic energy sources in ANWR and off-shore as well as renewable resources such as wind power and solar to ease the burden on Virginia's citizens.

What stood out about Governor Warner's message?
Mark Warner is lining himself up with McCain and John Warner. He mentioned their names throughout the debate while, interestingly, no Democrat names were mentioned except while answering the question about Al Gore's demands for climate change.

Warner had gimmicky words such as calling Gilmore's visions "gimmicks." When Gilmore held him to answering questions, Warner on several occasions resorted to saying Gilmore was "name-calling" to which Gilmore finally looked at him and said, " Saying you're a 'name-caller' is a way of calling names." Zing. The first question out of the box basically asked Mark Warner what made him think, after being defeated while running against Sen. John Warner before, that the citizens of Virginia wanted him now? The first thing out of Warner's mouth was, "John Warner is a great friend."

Mark Warner is definitely hoping to ride on those John Warner coat tails.

Largest tax increase in Virginia history:
Back to the largest tax increase in Virginia history, I am shocked the MSM hasn't picked up more on this subject. As I said before, many of them have kept Warner in a protective bubble since he was governor, not asking the hard questions or following through with research. Bob Stuart at the Waynesboro News Virginian has a good article in today's paper about the debate with equal scrutiny of each candidate.

When the candidates could ask each other a question, Gilmore, in my opinion, hit the ball out of the park when he reiterated the 2004 tax issue.

Gilmore said that in 2004 Warner pushed for a $4 billion tax increase that he had told Virginians he would not ask for and, while the issue was being debated in the General Assembly, his own secretary of finance notified him that state revenues were growing at an amazing rate ... 22.5% in March and another 22.5% in April ... but Warner kept that information to himself and did not tell the people of Virginia. He allowed the largest tax increase in Virginia history to go through even while he knew we were in a surplus. Why, Gilmore asked, didn't Mark Warner tell Virginians the state was doing well financially instead of digging deeper into their pockets for more taxes?

Warner's face turned red and little white splotches popped out on his jaw. His response? The legislature had the same access to those reports and numbers that he did, and then talked out his two-minute time limit with filler. Then Jim Gilmore looked at him and smiled, looked at the audience and said, "He didn't answer why he kept the citizens in the dark. It was a $3 billion surplus" (paraphrasing). I wrote in my notes at this point, "Warner looked uncomfortable." Jim Gilmore reiterated that need for trust between Virginia's elected officials and citizens.

Energy was another subject Gilmore was able to pound on because Mark Warner is vulnerable due to that 2005 veto of an off-shore drilling bill that passed the General Assembly and landed on his desk ... only to be deep-sixed by Warner. If that bill had passed, we would not be hearing that it will be another 10 years before we see any results from drilling; instead, we could now be down to six years or five years or less ... if Mark Warner had been proactive on the energy issue. But he wasn't, and Virginians are now suffering with $4-a-gallon gasoline.

Duck-and-weave: Warner would not give a straight-forward answer to whether he agreed with drilling off-shore. His answers were so vague that it was difficult to follow his thought process, and impossible to come to a definite conclusion. Is he ... or isn't he for drilling off-shore? He won't say "yes" or "no." Remember ... his reason for the 2005 veto for off-shore drilling was reportedly to keep the Sierra Club happy.

ANWR: Gilmore then reiterated his belief in drilling in ANWR which Warner is against. Did Warner explain why? No, but he said he was in agreement with John McCain on that issue. Riding coat tails again....

Is Mark Warner vulnerable? I believe he is for a number of reasons including his broken promises about taxes in 2004, his veto of the off-shore drilling bill in 2005, and other facts that will come out in the weeks ahead.

I have heard that Mark Warner is personable. That's wonderful ... but I am not voting for personality. I am voting for leadership ... and Jim Gilmore has that proven leadership. If we have bombs exploding in this country, I want Jim Gilmore's experience as governor of Virginia during the tragedy of 9/11 and his experience on the 9/11 Commission and in Army intelligence to help keep Americans safe. If we have terrorists exploding dirty bombs and flying airplanes into buildings here at home, nothing -- nothing -- else will matter because we will be dead.

Jim Gilmore won Saturday's debate on facts and issues.

The press crushed around Jim Gilmore for 30 minutes or more after the debate. I finally got this photo after seeing only the backs of media heads for a long while.

The media asked questions of Mark Warner, too, and then he left the room while Jim Gilmore was still surrounded and responding to media questions. Gilmore stayed and answered them all.

Previous article ... Busy Blogging Day ... Homestead debate and Churchville parade


What is not to love about the Homestead. The historic beauty of the resort that was begun in 1766 ... the beauty of the surrounding mountains (seen reflected in the windows) ... the coolness of the mountain air (although one thermometer read 94 degrees on Saturday) ... the slowed-down pace of relaxing and rocking on the huge front porch.... The Republican Advance will be held there in December ... the 25th anniversary ... and we will be back.

Photos by SWAC Girl & SWAC Daughter

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

So THAT'S where all the money went in Virginia

The Gilmore-Warner Senate debate this morning will certainly have plenty of material for the Warnerese-English translator, but there was one point of disagreement that piqued my curiosity (excerpt from Vivian Paige, emphasis added):

Warner: Let’s revisit one of the issues that was one of the ideological hot buttons for you, Jim. It was your reluctance to support any kind of children’s health insurance program. Even though the legislature said please let’s put in place this children’s health insurance program you said it offended your philosophical positions. Instead Virginia during your term sent back 56 million in federal dollars that were supposed to come into Virginia that instead got spent in other states to sign up kids for children’s health insurance. Jim was that the right decision, to not sign up those kids for children’s health insurance?

Gilmore: Here’s the answer, Mark. We established that FAMIS program and started it, and we actually created a program that was correct philosophically and in terms of what was best for families. It was a private health insurance, families had to have some responsibility of their own and pay a co-payment. It was not a welfare program, and gave people the dignity to know that they were taking care of themselves with the assistance of a state program like FAMIS. But when Mark Warner came in he concluded that the measure of success was simply putting people on a government welfare program and as a result he lowered the thresholds and then signed everybody up into Medicaid. And what happened was this program went up because everybody went on Medicaid the numbers on Medicaid went up. And that’s what the difference is that he hasn’t told you today. But it reflective of something. And the question is, what are the health care policies that we’re going to face in the United States Senate. Barack Obama has come forward with a health care plan that is gonna say that employers have to pay to play and that in fact they have to offer a certain type of program or they will be taxed if they are an employer, and government will impose that on you. It says that insurance companies have to offer particular kinds of benefits and control certain types of programs. And then for extra measure he puts in a government-controlled program which will squeeze out private insurance. And in fact the more Medicaid goes up like Mark’s type of program, the harder it is on private insurance options. And so the question I’ve got for you Mark, when you get to the United States Senate are you going to be supporting Barack Obama’s health care program, or will you be supporting John McCain and myself, who want to put in place a more private kind of program, a private program that creates associations and more opportunities for private care, and more opportunities for guaranteed admission into private programs, so that in fact you can utilize the private sector, or you gonna go to in fact this type of government control that Barack Obama would like to do? And I think
that’s the fundamental question that we have to ask and I think we already know the answer, because when the time came on SCHIP and FAMIS, you put ‘em in a government program.

Now, as you can see, this is a serious ideological difference, but after noticing that, another thought quickly came into my head - if Warner expanded Medicaid like that, it should show up in budget numbers. So, after doing some digging, I found out where Medicaid spending shows up in the budget (Department of Medical Assistance Services), and started looking at the changes from budget to budget. Here's what I found (Dept. of Planning and Budget):

Fiscal Year DMAS Spending Increase
2003 $3,719,897,469 13.7%
2004 $4,030,280,698 8.3%
2005 $4,563,474,648 13.2%
2006 $4,921,099,602 7.8%
2007 $5,320,510,865 8.1%
2008 $5,662,663,577 6.4%
2009 (Projected) $5,841,781,048 3.2%
2010 (Projected) $6,165,171,257 5.5%
As you can see, the increases were quite dramatic during Warner's term (FY2003-FY2006). Certainly, Warner's decision to turn Gilmore's private-insurance plan into another part Medicaid had something to do with that. The question is, how much?

Well, while it's impossible to know the exact budgetary numbers if Gilmore's plan had been maintained, I calculated what the increases would have been if the numbers were just held to population growth (averaged at 1.2% a year) and inflation. I should note that I did not use the regular CPI, but the health care CPI as calculated by the federal Department of Health and Human Services. The resulting numbers were as follows:

Fiscal Year Health Care Inf. Pop. Growth Spending growth Proj. Spending Diff. from Actual
2003 4.6% 1.2% 5.9% $3,463,755,841 $256,141,628
2004 4.6% 1.2% 5.9% $3,666,565,673 $363,715,025
2005 4.0% 1.2% 5.2% $3,858,987,039 $704,487,609
2006 4.4% 1.2% 5.7% $4,077,127,859 $843,971,743
2007 4.2% 1.2% 5.5% $4,299,347,635 $1,021,163,230
2008 4.0% 1.2% 5.2% $4,524,977,399 $1,137,686,178
2009 Budget # used 3.2% $4,668,108,365 $1,173,672,683
2010 Budget # used 5.5% $4,926,526,222 $1,238,645,035
The numbers are mind-boggling. The extra $1.55 billion for FY05-06 is more than Warner's entire tax hike. Over the entire eight years, the difference is $6.74 billion - $2.2B more than raised by Warner's tax hike over that six year period. Imagine how that $2.2 million could have been improved, say, our transportation network.

So, if you want to know why your taxes went up, and (for Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads) why you're snarled in traffic, today's debate gave the answer: it was so Mark Warner could knock out low-income private health insurance and expand government controlled health care.

Do we really want to reward the author of this costly and ideological mistake with a seat in the U.S. Senate? Shouldn't we instead choose the fellow who tried to prevent this budget-buster?

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Will the Real Mark Warner PLEASE Stand Up

As we await today's debate between former Virginia Governors Mark Warner and Jim Gilmore, we have to ask - Which Mark Warner will we see today?

Virginia's media loves this guy almost as much as Barack Obama.

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Mark Warner -- Two Lies in 16 Seconds

Marky Mark from his 2001 gubernatorial debate with Mark Earley:

First lie, "I will finish the repeal of the car tax."

Second lie, "I will not raise taxes."

Will he be able to beat this record in Saturday's debate with Jim Gilmore? I wouldn't bet against it!

Mark Warner Campaign Admits It Is Devoid Of Substance

From yesterday's WashTimes:
Warner spokesman Kevin Hall -- "Governor Warner also is eager to offer the contrast with his opponent in leadership style."

There you have it. We've been saying all along that Marky Mark is all style and no substance. Now we have the admission from his own campaign that they are completely devoid of meaning.

We've been hammering this home for months, going back to January when Marky Mark's campaign website had NO issues listed on it at all and merely had holiday greetings and "Go Hokies!" on it. In fact, Mark Warner's campaigns remind me of a scene from the movie "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." Just before Bill and Ted appear in the auditorium in front of their classmates from San Dimis High to give their history presentation, there is a jock giving his. It is obvious that his presentation is completely vapid and everyone is starting to snooze. Then, at the very end, he adds, "San Dimis football RULES!" and the whole place errupts in applause. THAT is the model for Warner's campaigns.

The only way Marky Mark can win an election (and don't forget, he is only 1 for 3 -- lost '96 senate race, won '01 gov. race, dropped out of '08 presidential before any votes were even cast but after opening offices) is if can get away without having to address substantive issues. When forced to deal with them, he lies.

Someone needs to put the question to Marky Mark that the media put to Ted Kennedy in 1980 when he was running for president -- Exactly why DO you want to be elected to this position?

My hunch is, given that Marky Mark is running for this position in order to BE a senator, not to DO anything specific, his answer will be as vapid as that jock's presentation in "Bill and Ted."

Gone to the debate....

I'm heading out this morning to the Jim Gilmore-Mark Warner debate at the Homestead. Set to begin at 11:00 a.m., it is a short drive west from my front door to the resort through the beautiful Alleghany Mountains. Since internet connections may be spotty, not sure if I'll be able to blog from there but will have updates later today.

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Jim Gilmore for Senate


Friday, July 18, 2008

Let the games begin! Gilmore-Warner debate Saturday at Homestead

Let the games begin! Saturday is the first debate between Republican Jim Gimore and Democrat Mark Warner for the open U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. John Warner (R).

While polling numbers show former Gov. Gilmore trailing by double digits, no one should count him out of this game. Besides being a fighter, he has many facts on his side that have been conveniently ignored by many in the media ... and I am sure he will be pulling them out when he goes face-to-face with his opponent.

And before becomes too cocky about Mark Warner running away with this contest ... a reminder that almost exactly two years ago Sen. George Allen faced newcomer Jim Webb in the same ballroom at the Homestead. George Allen was the redwood of the Virginia Republican forest and everyone assumed he would win.

A few weeks after that debate history was rewritten, proving that even perceived giants can be toppled. We never know what information, tidbit, sighting, even some unknown word can bring a candidate to his knees.

So don't write off Jim Gilmore yet. We still have four months to go and, as proven in 2006, a lot can happen in four months.

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Jim Gilmore for Senate


Stuarts Draft Fireman's Parade ~2008~


Augusta County GOP activist Chris Green and I decided to work the crowd at the Stuarts Draft Fireman's Parade and found many voters interested in talking about Jim Gilmore and his history regarding the car tax issue and drilling for known oil reserves off the virginia coast.

Stuarts Draft is part of the South River District which also includes Sherando and Lyndhurst and historically is a very strong conservative Republican area.

Even with getting to the parade early to work the parade lines we found that we became engaged with numerous people who wanted to talk issues about the upcoming Senate race in Virginia. Many times the conversation turned towards the energy issue and these voters noted that then Democratic Governor Mark Warner pulled out the "Veto-Pen" in 2005 when there was a bill on his desk to drill for known oil reserves off of the coast of Virginia...

Gilmore Brings Working Families Tour to Arlington on Monday

Alexandria – Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, Virginia candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. John Warner, will be taking his Working Families Tour to New Media Strategies, Inc. in Arlington. In addition to touring the New Media Strategies facility, Gov. Gilmore will take part in a digital press conference for bloggers.

All credentialed media are invited to attend.

WHO: Former Governor Jim Gilmore, U.S. Senate candidate

Jim Gilmore Working Family Tour of New Media Strategies, Inc.
and Digital Press Conference for Bloggers

Monday, July 21, 2008
Working Tour at
3:00 P.M.
Digital Press Conference at
3:15 P.M.

1100 Wilson Blvd, Suite 1400, Arlington, VA 22209

New Media Strategies pioneered the Online Intelligence, Brand Promotion and Brand Protection industry over nine years ago. Paving the way since 1999, NMS provides leading corporations and brands with “eyes, ears and a voice” online in over forty of the top industries. NMS has been named one of the fastest growing companies in America by “Inc.” magazine for three years in a row and has been recognized as one of the “best places to work” in Virginia. NMS employs over 85 employees in the Northern Virginia area and is headquartered in Arlington, VA.

Is Mark Warner vulnerable?

Is Mark Warner vulnerable in his bid for the U.S. Senate seat?

The press build-up of Warner has provided a protective bubble around him since his days as governor of Virginia.

After all, how else could he have gotten away with saying he would not raise our taxes, even going so far as to say, "You can ask me 20 more times and I will still say I won't raise taxes," and not be held accountable by the press when he pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history? How did he live to see another political day?

Without the press protecting him, how else was he able to veto an off-shore oil drilling bill for Virginia while Governor ... but not be held accountable for it now that he is running for higher office? At a time when gas prices are at an all-time high, he is now trying to suggest that he is for off-shore drilling. Read the fine print ... no, he's not ... but the press does not hold him accountable for it.

How else has Mark Warner been successful in spinning his record in the Governor's Mansion without being questioned by sharp-eyed reporters? While Jim Gilmore tries to set the record straight, the media turn a blind eye to it and continue to build up Warner.

But even with the media's help ... is Mark Warner vulnerable? Could he be defeated in November by Jim Gilmore, whom many have written off?

After seeing Warner in Staunton on Thursday, I believe the answer is "yes."

First, the newspapers built up Warner's appearance in Staunton as if the queen herself was arriving. Twenty-four hours in advance, they blocked off parking on the street where the event was to take place. The day of the event they closed the entire block to traffic. Why block parking the day before, which was a huge disruption to downtown shoppers because I was there and heard the grumbling, when the entire street was going to blocked off anyway? And by blocking parking one day and then the entire street the next, traffic to those local shops was disrupted.

Second, the turnout was low after such a build-up. When I saw the entire street blocked off, I was expecting a hoard of people, figuring the Democrat phone banks had been working overtime to turn out supporters for this all-important event. Only about 50-75 people showed up, and some of those were curious on-lookers and others were the local Democrat activists including Unit chairs who show up at everything. After the build-up in the newspaper, to have so few show up was interesting. If Warner is so popular, why didn't more ordinary citizens turn out?

The city of Staunton seemed to roll out the red carpet for this guy -- street blocked off, police officers on standby, Woodrow Wilson Pierce-Arrow taken out of mothballs to drive the man around town, Blackfriars' actors dressed in costume to welcome him to the theater, musicians on the street entertaining supporters before his arrival. Why? And should we expect equal treatment when our Republican candidates come to town? After all, Jim Gilmore is a former governor of Virginia, too.

Reports from Warner's Rockbridge Fair appearance were the same ... only a dozen or so supporters turned out to greet him. Even though Jim Gilmore was not there, his supporters equaled those for Warner.

Woodrow Wilson Birthplace is a tax-payer entity and, yet, they allowed a political event to take place in their ranks. As a taxpayer who supports the Republican candidate and whose tax money is used to support that tourist attraction, I want to know why they allowed a political event to take place on their grounds. (Warner went there after his speech on Beverley Street.)

So my question would be ... is the Virginia press corps building up Mark Warner to keep him in that protective bubble of illusion to the public causing a perception that he is bigger and better than he really is?

The Waynesboro News-Virginian had a front page story complete with two photos -- one large, one small -- both in color. I feel certain Staunton was equally favorable toward the Democrat nominee.

Since many in the mainstream media are not interested in exposing Mark Warner for his dismal record on taxes and his veto of off-shore drilling, it will be up to the Virginia bloggers and citizens to get the word out to voters.

The citizens of Virginia cannot afford to have Mark Warner representing us in Washington. We are in an uphill battle against the media and money. However, in the words of Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, we can be outspent ... but not out-worked.

Jim Gilmore for U.S. Senate 2008
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Gilmore supporters greet Mark Warner in Staunton

Gilmore supporter stands on Staunton's Beverley Street while Mark Warner (background) talks with media on Thursday.

Mark Warner arrived 30 minutes late, walking right by the Gilmore supporters.

Gilmore supporters were standing in front of Zelma's Vintage Clothing store. The front window was decked out with Gilmore and "Win the War" signs. Located on Beverley Street, it was several doors down from the Dixie Theater, site of the Warner happening.

Mark Warner greeting supporters in Staunton.

The entire block of Beverley Street was closed off. The old restored Pierce-Arrow from the Woodrow Wilson Library and Birthplace was parked in front of the Dixie Theater with a make-shift stage on the street in front of it. When I first saw the entire block reserved I thought they were expecting hoards of people. Accoustic musicians were playing music as folks showed up but the crowd only materialized to between 50-75 people ... and a few bewildered tourists who asked, "What is going on?" Out-of-towners had no idea who the political players were and just smiled and moved on to shop.

Mark Warner addressed supporters. It was 3:30 and hot ... temps in Staunton were around 90 degrees ... and there was no shade in the street so I hope he didn't talk too long. We left right after I took this photo.

Next time Jim Gilmore is in town, we will have to ask the city of Staunton if they will block off the street, put bicycle police on duty, and let us have the Pierce-Arrow for a spin around the block just as they did today for Mark Warner. Do you think they will do it?

Thanks to Gilmore supporters for helping out with the last-minute plans to "greet" Mark Warner, and to Staunton Gilmore coordinator Alex Davis for his help.

Photos by SWAC Girl

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Jim Gilmore for Senate 2008


Not even Warner's 2001 comments are immune from the translator

Sixteen seconds were more than enough for the then-would-be-Governor to slip into Warnerese. Write Side goes to the videotape (well, sort of). As usual, the English is bold and in italics:

I will finish the repeal of the car tax . . .

Oh, the car tax repeal will be finished, alright. "Completed" is a whole different story . . .

. . . and Mark, I think I've counted - you've now said thirteen times that I'm going to raise taxes.

. . . and Mark, I think it's been thirteen times you've made me lie to the voters.

You've got that one-trick pony; it's just not going to work.

You ought to know by now that I'm a pro at lying through my teeth. Do you really think I'm going to crack now?

The fact is, I will not raise taxes.

The fact is, I will say over and over again that I will not raise taxes until the rubes vote me in.

The rest, of course, is history.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jim Gilmore was Exactly Right on Oil Futures!

Please note this post here on B4G "Oil Prices Will Drop Immediately", posted July 9th, 2008. Pretty Bold statement huh? That statement as reported in the press:

“Oil prices will drop immediately if they know we’re going to bring in more oil,” Gilmore said. “We’ve got to drill in ANWR, and we’ve got to do it now.”

Well this happens on July 15th "Bush Says Drill - Oil Drops $9 a barrel?".

and today July 17th, let's check out the price of oil:

Price Change % Change Time

NyMex Crude Future $130.98 -$3.62 - 2.69 13:23

Folks, Governor Gilmore understands the economic theory of supply and demand. These traders are working on contracts 10 years out! It is only elementary that increasing supply, especially one that is only restricted by what used to be the President, but now only Congress; and Governor's like Mark Warner, who veto legislation to allow off-shore drilling in Virginia!

The market is reacting to exactly what Governor Gilmore said would happen, the first hurdle falling to drilling off-shore in the USA. This along with Congressional Democrats mumbling the same, and even weak kneed Liberals such as Mark Warner saying he is now for 'exploring' off shore drilling. We all know however, this is just a deception on his part to try and fool the voters until November, and keep his Sierra Club supporters/donors happy.

I see it as lack of any kind of courage, character, or leadership on Warner's part. He has no political underpinnings, just tell the people what they want to hear. (I will finish eliminating the Car Tax),(I will not raise taxes), (I will explore off-shore drilling).

Now the price of oil can spike again, when the Prime Minister of Iran 'Farts' that he is going to close the straits of Hormuz, but traders again know that is just a threat, and that is why we have a Carrier Battle Group in the Gulf at all times. But Governor Gilmore is exactly right about these contracts. Who wants to get stuck with a contract for $140 for a barrel of crude, when even they know that is inflated over actual market conditions?

It's like buying a stock at $20, and it takes off to $39 in a matter of months... that kind of pricing may not last long, and most traders are likely to cash in if they see something else influencing the value of that stock. The smart ones bail, and hand it to some sucker! That is the markets folks, and commodities are not an easy play.

Listen to the full interview here of Governor Gilmore's explanation of the market and oil pricing.

The bottom line folks, is this is a National security issue to me... if we do not expand domestic production our economy is hostage to foreign energy supplies... yes, go to Norfolk, VA and Thank a soldier, sailor, Marine and Airman. The Strategic Oil Reserve is really for them. Our planes need to fly, our tanks, and vehicles need to roll, and our conventional powered ships need to sail. It's not just about our economy, it's about National Security.

A subject Governor Warner has about as much experience with as his running partner, Hussein Obama.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mark Warner must be stopped

Not only will he vote with Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Bob Byrd, but I can already see the excuse-making, the talking past people's objections, and the outright lying in his campaign, particularly about the massive tax increases and unrestrained spending increases during his term as Governor. This is not a man we need representing our state. Say what you will about Jim Webb, but at least you know exactly where he stands. Not the case with Mark Warner. It is absolutely vital to make Jim Gilmore our next U.S. Senator.

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Busting the Mark Warner Myth

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner has convinced many across the Commonwealth that he's a self-made man with the Midas touch; a man of honesty and honor. Unfortunately, this "pillar" of the community seems to have built this reputation on some pretty soft bottom.

Warner built his initial fortune on some questionable, if not illegal, practices. Trading on what seems to be insider information, he amassed a fortune in the then-burgeoning wireless communications arena. Attempting to buy the favors of working class Virginians, Warner then set-up a series of venture funds which were supposed to create jobs and build the economies of less wealthy portions of Virginia.

What has been the result? These venture funds have failed.

Running for Governor, Warner promised to not raise taxes. Upon entering office Warner claimed that his predecessor, former Gov. Jim Gilmore had left him with a deficit.

In a recent op-ed, Del. Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) busts one more myth of the Mark Warner success story. We all know that Virginia is a state that requires a balanced budget. Warner just couldn't spend all of the money he wanted to without raising the taxes of hard working Virginians - so he did.

Now Mark Warner wants to be Virginia's next Senator. If twisting the truth got him elected Governor, why won't it work now? Or at least Warner hopes so.

In a recent television commercial, Warner claims that he has a plan for making American energy independent - including the expansion of oil and gas production at home. How can that be when former Gov. Warner has repeatedly and consistently opposed drilling in ANWR and offshore?

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Jim Gilmore & Mark Warner ... a tale of two taxes

RPV release....

No story is more emblematic of the mainstream media’s love affair for higher taxes than the manner in which Virginia’s two U.S. Senate candidates are portrayed.

On the one hand you have Jim Gilmore, who promised to cut taxes for Virginians, and did so with a vengeance. Jim Gilmore fought for and won the largest tax cut in Virginia history, and was still able to oversee a booming Virginia economy, an improvement in public safety, and a balanced budget.

Democrat Mark Warner promised to not raise taxes, but after he was elected, well… who keeps promises anyway? Mark Warner pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history – breaking his promise, soaking Virginians to the tune of over $1.3 billion in higher taxes, and winning the love of many in the press to boot.

There is no getting around it; Mark Warner did not tell the voters of Virginia the truth, either before or after his huge tax increase. Yet he gets the kind of favorable press you’d normally see for a politician in the old Soviet Union. Why?

The fact is, the mainstream media (most, not all) love higher taxes and more government. But the people of Virginia are not going to get the truth from most news outlets, which is why it is so important for you – the GOP grassroots – to tell people the truth about the candidates at every opportunity. If we help get Jim Gilmore’s message out and explain the truth to people, this campaign could turn around very quickly!

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Jim Gilmore for Senate


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bush Says Drill - Oil Drops $9 a Barrel?

Wait a minute... this can't be.. Everyone who would be having us eat their baloney about drilling off shore and in ANWR won't effect the price of oil, must have missed this?

Traders took a look at a feisty and aggressive George Bush and started selling the market well before a single new drop of oil has been lifted. What does this tell us? Well, if Congress moves to seal the deal, oil prices will probably keep on falling. That’s the way traders work. They discount the future. Psychology and expectations can turn on a dime.

Well, I'll be?

More economic illiteracy from Mark Warner

As the question of oil supply continues to dominate the U.S. Senate campaign here, Mark Warner expressed his skepticism on Jim Gilmore's assertion that drilling for oil - even if it would take years for the oil to get to market, would reduce its current price (Daily Press):

"There's no serious policymaker or economist who predicts that," Warner said. "I
know it's political season, but some of this is basic math."
Actually, Mark, it's about economics, but you've already proven you know nothing about that, so you might want to pay attention.

Like most commodities, oil not only has a current price, it also has future prices. One of the biggest drivers in the current price of oil has been the surge in its future price (if a gap is created between the two, an investors can sell the higher and buy the lower, ensuring a nice profit until everyone else catches on and the two prices return to rough equal). The future price of oil is driven by several factors - turbulence in the Middle East, the rise in demand from Communist China and India, and no major exploration moves by the United States.

So the idea that a decision to drill more now would have no effect on oil prices is based on pure economic ignorance. How can I say that? Take a look at this (Larry Kudlow, NRO - The Corner):

In a dramatic move yesterday President Bush removed the executive-branch
moratorium on offshore drilling. Today, at a news conference, Bush repeated his
new position, and slammed the Democratic Congress for not removing the
congressional moratorium on the Outer Continental Shelf and elsewhere. Crude-oil
futures for August delivery plunged $9.26, or 6.3 percent, almost immediately as
Bush was speaking, bringing the barrel price down to $136.

. . .

took a look at a feisty and aggressive George Bush and started selling the
market well before a single new drop of oil has been lifted. What does this tell
us? Well, if Congress moves to seal the deal, oil prices will probably keep on
falling. That’s the way traders work. They discount the future. Psychology and
expectations can turn on a dime. The congressional ban on offshore drilling
expires September 30, so that becomes a key date.


President Bush's lifting of the ban does two things: removes a barrier to future drilling, and all but ensure the Congressional barrier is gone as of October 1 (unless Congress can override a Presidential veto on maintaining the ban - highly unlikely now).

So, not only did the market react to future drilling (contrary to Warner's claim), it actually reacted to expected future drilling. Not only has this happened "before a single new drop of oil," it happened before anyone could even begin drilling by law.

Imagine how far it would fall if, say, the candidate in Virginia who made support for oil drilling his signature issue was elected to the U.S. Senate!

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Gilmore to debate Warner Saturday at Homestead

First Virginia U.S. Senate Candidate Debate to Talk Place At The Homestead

Alexandria – Former Gov. Jim Gilmore, Virginia candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. John Warner, will debate his opponent Mark Warner at the first debate of the campaign, this Saturday, July 19th at 11:00 a.m.

The debate which is hosted by the Virginia Bar Association will take place during their annual meeting at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. Political columnist, David Broder, will serve as the debate moderator.

All credentialed media are welcome to attend.

WHO: Former Governor Jim Gilmore, U.S. Senate candidate
WHAT: First Virginia U.S. Senate Campaign Debate
WHEN: Saturday, July 19, 2008
TIME: 11:00 am -12:15pm

WHERE: The Homestead –Grand Ballroom
1766 Homestead Drive, Hot Springs, VA 24445

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Jim Gilmore for Senate


Monday, July 14, 2008

Gilmore has the facts ... M. Warner can't rewrite history

Money can’t change the facts about Warner’s record
By Delegate Kirk Cox

Mark Warner has raised a lot of money and is using it to bombard TV screens trying to rewrite history. His message – you can depend on him for good fiscal management because I turned a budget deficit I inherited from my predecessor into a budget surplus and saved Virginia! Send me to Washington, where I will do the same! – doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

I served on the House Appropriations Committee during Mark Warner’s term as governor. Here are the facts he would like you to forget.

Virginia is a balanced budget state. The General Assembly must pass and the governor must sign a balanced budget. Warner’s predecessor, Gov. Jim Gilmore, submitted a final budget that was balanced as required by Virginia’s Constitution.

It was only two years later that Mark Warner decided he needed to raise taxes because he did not have enough taxpayers’ money to spend.

A recent Warner TV commercial claims he cut spending, but state budgets rose 24.7 percent during his term. State spending in the Gilmore years rose at a much slower pace.

Mark Warner was able to manage spending increases by raising taxes, while Gov. Gilmore worked to reduce your car tax by 70 percent. Mark Warner actually promised to get rid of the car tax completely while governor. Just another fact he tries to keep from voters.

Mark Warner does have one true claim to fame – he raised our taxes $1.3 billion, the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

While running for governor, Mark Warner repeatedly promised Virginians there would be NO tax increases. Many times he said, “I will not raise taxes; I will not raise taxes!”

Based on his record in Richmond, Virginians now know we can depend on Mark Warner to help raise taxes if he gets to Washington.

Mark Warner also talks a lot about his ability to manage Virginia’s finances. He “managed” by raising our taxes and spending more. The facts show that administrative inaccuracies and misrepresentations by his administration went hand-in hand with his tax hikes.

In early 2004, he claimed there was a huge budget shortfall – as much as $1 billion. But by May, it was obvious Gov. Warner was rushing the General Assembly to enact his tax hike before his administration released new numbers showing large state revenue increases. Less than two months after his tax increase budget passed, Virginia ended fiscal year 2004 with a $324 million surplus!

Facts don’t lie.

By June 2005, the Commonwealth finished fiscal year 2005 with another surplus of $545 million. In December 2005, Gov. Warner yet again revised the 2004-2006 revenue forecast by adding another $1.4 billion.

The cumulative increase over Warner’s original budget forecast (excluding his $1.3 billion tax increase) was $2.8 billion in revenue growth.

In June 2006, the Commonwealth completed fiscal year 2006 with another surplus of $147 million.

In total, between 2004 and 2006 state revenues grew by $3.8 billion – or 211% over the original Warner (mis)forecast of December 2003.

His “good” management forecast – being off by a whopping 211 percent – laid the foundation for his $1.3 billion tax increase so he could increase spending by 24.7 percent during his term as Governor.

Because of this “inconvenient truth,” Mark Warner has raised lots of money from those who benefited from tax increases and is now investing those dollars in TV ads that try to change the facts. His pledge to go to Washington to work in a bipartisan manner will likely be as valid as his broken promise, “I will not raise taxes!”

No matter his claims, he will have constant pressure from the far left to do away with the Bush tax cuts and support government-run universal health care. The first vote Mark Warner would cast as a senator would be for Harry Reid or worse as Senate Majority Leader. He also would support every big-government, high-spending Democrat chairman from Barbara Boxer and Robert Byrd on down.

Jim Gilmore kept his word as governor as he fought to reduce our taxes. Jim Gilmore will do what he promises.

Send Jim Gilmore to Washington to put his tax cutting and strong national security background to work for the people of Virginia.

Kirk Cox is a Virginia Delegate from the 66th District, which includes Colonial Heights. He is also a member of the House Appropriations Committee.

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Jim Gilmore for Senate


Friday, July 11, 2008

Stupid Is as Stupid Does: Democrats Prop Up the Price of Oil

It can not get any clearer than this post by RK, "Thank You for Voting No to Off-Shore Drilling", to display exactly why Virginian's are paying $4 a gallon for gasoline! The Liberals are thanking anyone inclined to vote against increasing domestic production; ala Governor Mark Warner, who vetoed off-shore drilling, and continuing to shackle the United States to foreign oil.

You have folks who decry the speculators for raising the price of oil on Wall Street, but at the same time give them all the comfort they need, by insuring that the world's oil supply will remain constricted, by not allowing off-shore drilling in the USA, or in ANWR.

Governor Jim Gilmore skewers this exact subject here.

He is exactly right, that if the Greatest Industrial Nation on earth is serious about increasing domestic supply; the markets will cave tomorrow! Governor Gilmore is right, the speculators have driven up the price of oil, because they know they have democrats willing to constrict supply.

Right now the Iranian Prime Minister can 'Fart' that they are going to close the Gulf of Hormuz, and the price of a barrel of oil goes up $5 in a day, because he may, or may not be serious. Yet if Virginia, and Congress gave the green light next week to open up all of our coast lines and ANWR to drilling immediately, you don't think that will have an effect on the oil futures market?

Supply and Demand folks... Those who choke supply:

Besides Delegates Bouchard and Moran, the others who voted against drilling off Virginia's coast are listed on the "flip." Next time you see them, tell them "thanks for protecting our environment."

Lowell :: Thank You for Voting "No" on Offshore Drilling
Del. Ken Alexander
Del. Kristen Amundson
Del. Ward Armstrong
Del. Clay Athey
Del. Mamye BaCote
Del. William Barlow
Del. Bob Brink
Del. David Bulova
Del. Rosalyn Dance
Del. Adam Ebbin
Del. David Englin
Del. Algie Howell
Del. Bob Hull
Del. Dwight Jones
Del. Lynwood Lewis
Del. Dave Marsden
Del. Bobby Mathieson
Del. Jennifer McClellan
Del. Ken Melvin
Del. Paula Miller
Del. Harvey Morgan
Del. Joe Morrissey
Del. Ken Plum
Del. Dave Poisson
Del. Albert Pollard
Del. Jim Scott
Del. Steve Shannon
Del. Jim Shuler
Del. Mark Sickles
Del. Lionell Spruill
Del. David Toscano
Del. Roslyn Tyler
Del. Shannon Valentine
Del. Margi Vanderhye
Del. Jeion Ward
Del. Onzlee Ware
Del. Vivian Watts

Will drive up the cost of the product. Now let's look at who in the Senate is paying the same courtesy:

Wow - Actually a close vote in the Senate to kill this thing (0.00 / 0)
YEAS--Blevins, Colgan, Cuccinelli, Hanger, Hurt, McDougle, Norment, Obenshain, Ruff, Smith, Stolle, Stosch, Stuart, Vogel, Wampler, Watkins--16.
NAYS--Barker, Deeds, Herring, Houck, Howell, Locke, Lucas, Marsh, McEachin, Miller, J.C., Northam, Petersen, Puckett, Puller, Reynolds, Saslaw, Ticer, Whipple--18.

NOT VOTING--Edwards, Martin, Miller, Y.B., Newman, Quayle, Wagner--6.

Thanks RK! I gladly give you all the credit on getting those votes out there! Love Ya, Mean It!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More from the Warnerese-to-English translator

The following is a Mark Warner fundraising letter that mysteriously landed in my Inbox. As usual, the English translation is bold and italicized:

The rising cost of health care is one of the most urgent problems facing our country, but Congress is struggling to pass even the most modest legislation to deal with it.

The rising cost of health care is as bad as the transportation crisis, and since I did nothing but blame other people for it and you clods still love me, I'm guessing it will work on this one, too.

Last week, I told you how the U.S. Senate jeopardized health care coverage for countless seniors,
disabled citizens, and military families when it failed to pass bipartisan legislation preventing pay cuts to doctors who accept Medicare patients.

Last week, the U.S. Senate jeopardized health care coverage for countless seniors, disabled citizens, and military families by nearly passing legislation that would have crippled private supplemental coverage, but since all my Democratic buds voted for it, I have to spin and spin fast.

And for the past week, newspapers have been filled with stories of doctors who feel compelled to turn away patients urgently needing care because of these cuts.

Lucky for me, newspaper editors love me and my party so much they're willing to ignore all that and focus on something the bill won't really solve - much like they highlighted all the things I promised to fix in 2001 but didn't. Then again, no one seems to remember that seven years later, which will be enough to get me elected and re-elected before you rubes get wise.

Despite having the support of the vast majority of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, a small group of Senators used a procedural technique to block this important bill by a margin of just one vote.

Despite the whining of all the Democratic Senators and John Chich-whoops! Sorry, force of habit. Um, where was I?

Well, this week they have a chance to set things right. But I need your help to put the pressure on them.

Well, this week I'm looking to stay relevant and get a bunch more volunteers; but I need a hook to bring you in, and here it is.

Let's send a message that we're sick and tired of political games getting in the way of real solutions. We only need to swing one vote in order to move this bill through Congress. So please, tell the Senate to stop these draconian cuts and pass the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act. With your help, we can ensure that we fund Medicare services that so many of our seniors, disabled citizens, and military families need.

Let's send a message that the only people who can play political games are Virginia Democrats. We only need one more to force this bill through, wipe out private supplement programs, and create another crisis I can pretend to solve. With your help, I and my fellow Democrats will have
another excuse to expand government.

The legislation includes off-setting cuts to the least competitive insurance plans that are driving up health care costs.

The legislation includes cuts to the private programs that supplement Medicare for millions of Americans, but I can just say they "drive up health care costs" and no one who pays any attention to economics will notice I'm talking through my hat (and they're all Republicans anyway).

This isn't an issue of Republican vs. Democrat, right vs. left, or red vs. blue. More than 350 members of the House of Representatives came together across party lines in support of this pragmatic, common-sense effort to provide needed health care. Now I ask you, the people of Virginia, to do the same.

Over 100 House Republicans voted for this after being told that the Senate would improve the bill. Fooling Republican legislators like this is my stock and trade, so you can see I'll fit right in so long as you're willing to be just as naive as they are.

Please sign the petition. Then ask your friends and family to do the same.

Please sign the petition; ask your friends and family to do the same; and remember that you did when you wonder why all my flyers and fundraising letters made your mailbox explode.

That's all - for now. :)


Oil Prices Will Drop Immediately!

That was the message from Jim Gilmore to Virginia voters as per Spark It Up

Kilo has got some awesome graphics to show the relative size of the ANWR where drilling would occur, check em out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cool New Gilmore 4 US Senate Tool Bar

Now this is pretty cool! I just downloaded a tool bar from Gilmore 4 Senate Blogger resources

It's pretty neat and has all the latest campaign news scrolling across the top.

Storm Clouds On Horizon for Mark Warner

We've been hearing that something big was going to drop ever since Marky Mark declared for U.S. Senate after suddenly and mysteriously dropping out of the presidential race only months earlier for "family reasons" after having, in his own words, made:
67 trips to 28 states and five foreign countries;

headlined 86 events in 25 states to help raise or directly donate $7.3 million to Democrats this cycle;

Forward Together [Marky Mark's Leadership PAC] has contributed more money this year to Democratic candidates and party organizations than any other federal leadership PAC.

Most notably, Virtucon contributor Rittinger uncovered the role that Team Clinton political hitman Howard Wolfson played in Marky Mark's withdrawl from the presidential race.

As Rittinger put it:
The message went out among some of Warner’s people that this was war and that while Clinton had won this battle, it would be at a significant cost.

Well, you don't go to war with the Clintons if you're not fully prepared and frankly, Marky Mark and his Flunky Bunch are nowhere near being in the same league as the Clintons when it comes to political skullduggery. Did he honestly think that members of Team Clinton wouldn't seek revenge and retribution? Is Mark Warner really that dumb to think that they wouldn't pull out their dossier on him to do so once they had nothing left to lose? Apparently so.

Now the storm clouds are on the horizon for Warner. Wolfson has joined FOX News Channel as a contributor. Hillary won't be Barry's running mate, so her crew will be free to go about behind the scenes exacting vengence wherever they see fit. Mark Warner is very high on that list.

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