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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Resume Enhancement - A US Senate Seat

Why does Mark Warner want to serve in the United States Senate?

This is an excellent question posed by Virginia Virtucon. Warner may be a smooth political operator, but is that a reason to elect him to the US Senate. Does he have any principles to stand on, other than the desire to make sure that he stays at the head of the "Cool Kid's Table"?

Oh, I forgot. Liberals like Warner don't have any principle. They're from the government and they're here to help!

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Bloggers 4 Gilmore: Spanky defines why pro-lifers should support Gilmore

Check it out ... Chris Green's "big tent" theory about why pro-lifers should support Jim Gilmore for U.S. Senate.

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U.S. Senate: Jim Gilmore, Jim Gilmore, Jim Gilmore

By Howie Lind

I strongly endorse Governor Jim Gilmore for the United States Senate. I urge you to support him and to vote for him at the Republican State Convention May 31 in Richmond.

The following issues are of utmost importance to us as Virginians and as patriotic Americans.

National Security and Defense
Governor Jim Gilmore served in the U. S. military as an Army Intelligence Officer, and he has served as Chairman of the Congressional Commission on Counter-Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction -- pre-9/11/01. And he has been a great leader for a strong Homeland Security posture for our nation after September 11th. Our Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, will win Virginia while gaining large support from the national security and defense communities, both military and civilian, both active and retired. With Governor Gilmore on the ballot in Virginia with Senator McCain, Gov. Gilmore will attract these same voters.

Mark Warner has no military service and no experience in the above areas.

National Energy Policy
Governor Jim Gilmore has called for a "declaration of energy independence for the United States of America." His plan for more domestic energy production includes drilling for oil and gas in Alaska, in the continental United States, and off of our shorelines. He also calls for streamlining the cost of regulatory compliance for the construction of new nuclear plants and oil refineries and treating coal as a strategic national asset. He advocates a full range of new energy policies in order to push the United States towards energy independence, and away from our reliance on foreign oil and gas, particularly from these despotic regimes around the world who are our sworn enemies.

Mark Warner is beholden to the policies of the Democrat's far left who are stopping us from becoming energy independent.

National Economic Policy
Governor Jim Gilmore understands that the key to a strong economy is lower taxation at all levels of government in order to free up businesses -- small, medium, and large -- to expand their productivity and to create more jobs. Gov. Gilmore's signature achievement during his governorship was to eliminate the personal property tax on cars and trucks. And he achieved 70% of this car tax elimination, before being blocked by the Democrats and some Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly.

Mark Warner's signature achievement during his governorship was to ram the largest tax increase down the throats of all Virginians. This massive tax increase was absolutely unnecessary since the state economy was just rebounding, that resulted in record state revenues in excess of his tax increase -- before the tax increase even kicked in. The "main stream media" refuses to acknowledge this fact.

Please join me in supporting Governor Jim Gilmore to be our next United States Senator from Virginia.

Thanks to Howie Lind for use of his email.

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Jim Gilmore is the ONLY choice for U.S. Senate

National security is my #1 concern in any election ... and Jim Gilmore is the only choice in the U.S. Senate race because of his strong national security background.

I am not in favor of abortion ... but that is not the most important issue to me when it comes to a candidate. I respect those who are pro-life ... aren't we all pro-life? ... but if we have bombs dropping on our heads, it won't matter about abortion. First and foremost, we must secure our nation.

Jim Gilmore has the background and experience for that. He led Virginia through the 9/11 crisis as governor. He has military intelligence background. He was part of the Gilmore Commission prior to 9/11 and recognized the terrorism threat at that time.

Jim Gilmore is for drilling for oil in ANWR ... Marshall is not.

Gilmore wants to see us become more energy independent by drilling offshore and by streamlining the cost of regulatory compliance for new nuclear plants and oil refineries.

Gilmore is for the Virginia Dominion coal plant in southwest Virginia that is opposed by environmentalists but is wanted and needed by the people who actually live and work in the area.

Under Jim Gilmore's administration we saw tuition at Virginia's colleges reduced 20%. That rate was frozen for four years ... and since then tuition rates have spiraled upwards. With college-aged children, I am painfully aware of college costs.

Jim Gilmore says what he means and means what he says. He is the only choice for Virginia for U.S. Senate, and I will be in Richmond proudly supporting him at the RPV State Convention this weekend.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Veterans for Jim Gilmore

Throughout his life, Jim Gilmore has demonstrated his character and leadership. As a young man, Jim Gilmore volunteered for the United States Army during the Vietnam Era when many people were trying to avoid military service. He graduated with honors from the Army Intelligence School and Defense Language Institute and he was placed in the 650th Military Intelligence Group stationed in Germany.

As a soldier in Western Europe, Jim Gilmore was assigned to a counter-intelligence unit where he worked to help protect and safeguard our bases. He was later awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

After his service in the U.S. Army, Jim Gilmore received a law degree at the University of Virginia and received assistance as a result of the G.I. Bill. As a U.S. Senator, Jim Gilmore will work for a new and expanded G.I. Bill to help assist those men and women who are selflessly serving our country today. Jim Gilmore will also fight to ensure that our returning veterans receive quality health care.

As Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore reduced Virginia taxes on active duty, junior military personnel. Later he was appointed Chairman of the Congressional Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction which came to be known as the Gilmore Commission from 1999 – 2003.

The Gilmore Commission presented five reports to Congress and Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and warned of a possible terrorist attack on the U.S. before 9/11. After 9/11 Congress adopted 146 of the Gilmore Commissions 164 recommendations for improving our national security.

In his term as Governor, Jim Gilmore dealt with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 when the Pentagon was struck. He deployed the Virginia National Guard and other first responders to secure our critical infrastructure and protect our citizens.

Jim Gilmore’s knowledge of homeland security has been recognized by countless elected officials, pundits and media outlets. The Atlanta Journal stated in 2007, “The government’s failure to heed the prescient work product of Gilmore’s commission allowed major systemic weaknesses in our defenses to continue, which in turn improved the chances for success by the Sept. 11 terrorists.” The article also said, “[Jim Gilmore] was a leader in the field before half the country became armchair anti-terrorism experts.”

Whether as a soldier, elected official or private citizen, Gilmore has been at the forefront of efforts to improve America’s homeland security. As a United States Senator, we can count on Jim Gilmore to be there for our troops and our security.

We hope you will join us in supporting Jim Gilmore for the United States Senate by joining Veterans for Jim Gilmore.


Bill Flanagan - Colonel, United States Army, Retired
Ken Foran - Major, United States Marine Corps., Retired
John Pipta - Colonel, United States Marine Corps., Retired
Fmr. Delegate Leo Wardrup - Captain, United States Navy, Retired

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jim Gilmore Attends 29th annual Eastern Coal Council Conference and Exposition - Marshall & Warner no shows

FYI - Sierra Club Bob Marshall was not there. I doubt he was invited. Mark Warner was invited, but did not attend.

"The United States must start taking full advantage of its available coal and oil reserves to attain energy independence, Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Gilmore of Virginia said Tuesday.

The former governor of Virginia, during the closing speech at the 29th annual Eastern Coal Council Conference and Exposition held at MeadowView Conference Resort and Convention Center, said that means building the proposed Dominion coal-fired electric plant in Wise County and drilling for oil in Alaska and offshore."(LINK)

Some Jim Gilmore quotes

“The number one issue in this Senate race is energy”

Gilmore recalled recently asking a desk clerk at an Abingdon hotel what was bothering her and getting an answer he said he gets over and over again on the campaign trail.

“Just like that: Gas prices. ‘What’s bothering me is gas prices,’” Gilmore recalled the clerk said. He said the clerk said she worked two jobs to make ends meet and was spending $250 a month on gas, based on prices about three weeks ago.

“I’m more concerned about that desk clerk over at that Hampton Inn than caribou (in Alaska),”

“Coal is a strategic national asset for the United States and must be part of our energy solution,” Gilmore said. “We have more coal than Saudi Arabia has oil.”

“We need to recognize the use of coal has tripled since 1970 and yet our air is much cleaner,” Gilmore said. “If we use sensible types of approaches, we can harmonize these things and use this great asset that we have in the United States.”

“It may take a few years to do this, but if we say that we are going to be more decisive and use all the elements of our national power to create energy independence for this country, that includes oil, you’re going to see a reaction,”

“We’ll have to find the economic levers if our power is to break the [oil] cartel ... the first and most fundamental thing is that we’re going to use the sinews of America’s economic power ... and that is oil and coal.”

Indeed. Now please tell me again why me and my coal dust mafia friends should support anyone but Gilmore?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Marshall Was For Unelected Taxing Bodies, Before He was Against Them?

Delegate Bob Marshall likes to speak highly of his bold effort to stop HB 3202 with a Supreme Court challenge, and set himself up as the only US Senatorial Candidate you can trust on this issue.

Only one problem Bob.... Gov. Jim Gilmore vetoed almost exactly the same legislation that you.. ahem.. voted for.

Details at Spank That Donkey, more at I'm Not Emeril.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mark Warner's trail of broken promises....

Mark Warner said repeatedly during the 2001 gubernatorial campaign that he would not raise taxes. He repeated it over and over, had TV ads that said it, and even stressed in an October 10, 2001, debate:
“I will not raise your taxes.”
He repeated it again:
“The fact is I will not raise taxes. You can say it 20 more times, but the people will know the difference.”
And then he was elected.

Not only did he break that promise, but he pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

Virginia does not need Mark Warner to represent the people of the Commonwealth. We cannot afford to have him represent the people of the Commonwealth.

H/T to RPV
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Jim Gilmore for Senate

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