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Monday, February 25, 2008

We KNOW where Jim Gilmore stands on illegal immigration...

What about Mark Warner? 

As Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner amended legislation to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants:

"Gov. Mark Warner has amended legislation that would deny in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants ... rejecting the outright ban sought by ... the Republican-controlled General Assembly." (Roanoke Times, 3/23/03)

Warner's spokeswoman even went so far as to say Warner's changes reflected a "basic sense of fairness." (The Associated Press, 3/27/03)

When the General Assembly rejected Warner's changes, Mark Warner vetoed the legislation ... (The Washington Post, 5/1/03)

Jim Gilmore lays it on the line in a recent press release.  There he praises Attorney General Bob McDonnell and ICE for the recent operation to remove 181 convicted criminal alien sex offenders from Virginia. 

Gov Tim Kaine has actively opposed any agreements with ICE authorities to give the State Police the authority to enforce immigration laws against illegal aliens.  Why in the world would someone oppose getting rid of people who are sucking the life out of Virginia taxpayers is beyond me.

Jim Gilmore lays it out... 

"Where does Mark Warner stand on this important issue?  With Governor Kaine?  Or with the people of Virginia who are fed up of pandering to those who are breaking our laws?"

So where exactly DO you stand Mark Warner?



Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are you insulted?

They just don't get it.

Are you Insulted?

They just don't get it

Gilmore praises GOP's effort to prevent raid on lottery proceeds intended for education

Former Governor Jim Gilmore praised the General Assembly’s Senate Republicans for attempting to block a move by Democrats in the State Senate Thursday to decrease funding for public education by re-directing lottery proceeds to fund new and expanded government programs.

“I commend Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Senate Republicans for standing tall to try to protect education dollars in the Lottery Proceeds Fund,” Gilmore said. “We all worked hard in 2000 to make sure lottery money was allocated to education and that is even more important today in troubled economic times than it was then.”

Following Jim Gilmore’s leadership Virginia voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2000 requiring the General Assembly to make certain that lottery revenues were not redirected from the Lottery Proceeds Fund and public education to other programs without the approval of a super majority of the members of the General Assembly.

“Our public education system is put at stake every time this type of maneuvering by the Democrats to take money away from our schools is carried out and it is Virginia’s children who are put at risk,” Gilmore said. “How are we to restore confidence in parents that a public education is a quality education, if we are constantly faced with having to defend the constant attempts to reduce overall funding for public education in Virginia?“

“Education resources need to get into the classroom where they can best make a difference for our children. That is why I stand by the mandate I asked for and received in 2000, requiring that state lottery proceeds be used first and foremost for education efforts in the Commonwealth,” Gilmore declared.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Choice this Fall - Not Really Yin and Yang

Stephen J. Farnsworth of Mary Washington, in the Feb 17 Times-Dispatch, has an article, “The Yin and Yang of Virginia Politics.” Farnsworth’s column makes some good points but is incomplete. Farnsworth points out a Washington Post poll from last fall saying that Virginians’ biggest concerns were Iraq and the economy, and, he says, neither one will help the GOP; but the electoral climate come November may be wildly different from last fall, or from now.

Even if what the poll says about the concerns of Virginians holds true this fall, that doesn’t consider this: on Iraq - Americans have been dissatisfied with how the war has been going, but the surge is working, which you can tell from the near-disappearance of Iraq from the evening news, and Americans, outside of hard-left Democratic circles, know that. On the economy: Democrats love to criticize business, (except when accepting their campaign donations), often trying to control business with more taxes and regulations. Does making business the enemy seem like a good way to spark up the economy?

Farnsworth discusses campaign funds. Having a lot of campaign money, as Millionaire Mark has, does make life easier. But it can’t buy happiness. Ask Mitt Romney, who spent a-plenty but found that voters preferred someone else, whose campaign was said to be running on fumes.

I don’t think voters will be voting this fall thinking that these two candidates are yin-yang tax opposites. I think voters are going to be thinking, “Do we want someone in Virginia who will vote right along with Harry Reid - on spending, on judges, on the war on terror? Or, do we want someone with actual homeland security credentials, someone who will try to control spending, because he remember where tax dollars come from?”

Monday, February 18, 2008

John Warner supports Jim Gilmore for U.S. Senate

Just last week, U.S. Senator John Warner and 21 other Republican members of the U.S. Senate joined Governor Jim Gilmore in a fundraising event at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington. Thanks to their participation it was a success!

Thanks to the support of thousands of Republican leaders the Jim Gilmore for Senate Campaign is gaining momentum daily. They are adding new and talented staff members, raising the needed campaign funds, and laying out a strategy that will help Republicans retain the seat of retiring U.S. Sen. John Warner.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Jim Gilmore appoints campaign directors

Jim Gilmore announced today the appointment of three new campaign directors for his U.S. Senate bid in preparation for the fall elections. These three new appointees are Josh Novotney as Finance Director, Matt Wells as Political Director, and Ana Gamonal as Communications Director.

Prior to joining the Jim Gilmore for Senate campaign as Finance Director, Novotney worked for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, where he was director of two of the national major donor fundraising programs.

Wells, the campaign's new Political Director, was most recently with the Republican Party of Virginia where he worked as its Central Political Director. He has successfully directed the political and organizational side for a variety of Republican campaigns including Bill Bolling's Campaign for Lt. Governor, Delegate Chris Peace 97th District Special Election and former Senator George Allen's Senate Campaign.

Gamonal, his new Communications Director most recently worked as a Communications Consultant and is a former Bush Administration official, having worked at the State Department as Director of one of its public affairs offices. She is also a former Outreach Director for the Republican National Committee, having gotten her start in politics as a press secretary on Capitol Hill.

"I am extremely pleased to have recruited these three experienced political professionals to work on our behalf. They possess the type of qualifications and previous political experience that will help us shape a winning campaign organization in Virginia," stated Gilmore regarding these new appointees.

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Is 780% Too High a Rate to Pay?

Former Virginia Governor (and U.S. Senate candidate) Mark Warner approved the legislation allowing so-called "Pay Day Loans" in Virginia. These loans allow the charging of up to 780% APR interest. During a period where Warner's Democrat colleagues are advocating the breaking of perfectly legal mortgage contracts by calling them "predatory" I can only wonder what Warner's response is.

Let's not forget, Mark Warner is a pretty smart guy with an estimated net worth of over $200 million. The individuals who are victimized by these predatory "Pay Day Loans" do not have the benefit of Warner's education, experience, or business savvy.

Before any of my conservative brothers and sisters (or faux-conservative Warnerites) begin criticizing my views as anti-market, consider this. Do we allow the market to simply place drugs on the market or does the government require testing and approval? Do we allow parties to market securities without any state or federal regulation? Do we allow gambling that is not state sanctioned? Do we allow the selling of heroin or cocaine on our streets?


One of the duties of government is to protect its citizens. While liberals wish to go to the far side and deliver a nanny state, conservatives understand that there are limits (albeit few) to the benefits and efficiency of free markets. "Pay Day Loans" are one such example.

It's a shame that the supposedly "enlightened" soul of Mark Warner doesn't understand this.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Great Gilmore Audio Interview from CPAC

Why to elect Jim Gilmore to the senate; and why to contribute to his campaign! The Senate is so closely divided right now - one more Democratic senator would be a real problem. Well worth a listen - start here at Captain's Quarters and follow the link to Blog Talk Radio.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Warner's Plans Benefit Illegals

Mark Warner Would've Voted to Exclude Americans and Benefit Illegals

Alexandria - Former Governor Jim Gilmore made the following comments today regarding last night's Senate vote on the economic stimulus package:

"Today, the Senate finally passed a stimulus package that tightens language to ensure illegal aliens do not receive rebates. But last night, Senate Republicans narrowly blocked an attempt to end a filibuster which would have allowed the passage of a broader Democratic stimulus package that provided benefits to illegal aliens.

The Democrats fell short by one vote. If Mark Warner were Senator, we all know which way he would've voted -- with the Democrats. In effect, passing an economic stimulus package that benefited illegal aliens yet excluded American citizens, many of whom have served our nation."

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

7th District GOP Chair endorses Jim Gilmore for Senate

Republican Leader Linwood Cobb today endorsed Jim Gilmore for the U.S. Senate. A Virginia native and small business entrepreneur, Mr. Cobb is the Republican Party's chairman for the 7th Congressional District and a former Chairman of the Republican Party of Henrico County.

"This Virginia son's ability to mobilize and longtime activism are exactly the type of characteristics that are helping us shape a winning campaign organization," said Gilmore regarding Cobb's endorsement.

Mr. Cobb served on the Governor's Commission on National and Community Service, the State Board of Election where he was elected as its Chairman and the State Board of Community Colleges. "As Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore helped create nearly 300,000 new jobs through his pro-business policies which helped attract new companies and encouraged existing business to grow and expand in the Commonwealth," stated Cobb.

"Like Jim Gilmore, I too believe that high taxes are too great a burden on the nation's economy and on working families and that we must control government spending and grow the economy so we can create more jobs, hope and opportunity."

Jim Gilmore for Senate
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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gilmore on Payday Lending Practices...


Alexandria -- Former Governor Jim Gilmore issued a statement today commending the Virginia General Assembly for their compromise on comprehensive legislation reforming the payday lending industry in Virginia:

"It is no secret that payday lending stores opened under the leadership of Mark Warner and the bill he signed into law. Their loans are deceptive and they should at a minimum be held to the same standards as other small-loan lenders operating in Virginia.

Mark Warner's decision to adopt this policy was wrong and ultimately the people of Virginia have rejected it.

Irresponsible lending hurts working families and ultimately hurts the state's economy. For that reason, I urged the General Assembly to move forward on providing this much-needed consumer protection against the payday lending industry earlier this year. It is long overdue.

The working families of Virginia deserve a fair chance to pay back what they borrow and not to be trapped from the onset in a cycle of debt."

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Gov. Gilmore's Record vs. Gov. Warner

The Contemporary Conservative has Gov. Gilmore Responds to Gov. Warner's Lies, here.

Friday, February 1, 2008

James Atticus Bowden: GOP grassroots leader endorses Jim Gilmore for Senate

Longtime Republican Poquoson Activist Picks Gilmore For His Conservatism

Poquoson Republican Activist Jim Bowden has endorsed Jim Gilmore's candidacy for the U.S. Senate. A longtime conservative leader, Mr. Bowden was elected and most recently served as the Republican Party's State Central Committee Chairman for the First Congressional District.

"The conservative activism and successful efforts waged by Jim in the campaign to defeat the Transportation Tax Referendum proposed by Mark Warner in 2002 exemplify the type of organization and leadership we are putting together to claim victory for Virginia in November," said Gilmore regarding Bowden's endorsement.

A former Army infantry officer and Harvard and Columbia graduate, Mr. Bowden, is also a professional in the defense industry and a former University professor.

"Governor Jim Gilmore will earn Virginia's pride as her U.S. Senator. Already proven are his trust, courage and consistency, and no one in America possesses his background and understanding of Homeland Security. His long public service to the Commonwealth is the epitome of 'promises made, promises kept.'"

"Jim Gilmore is the Conservative that defense, fiscal and social Conservatives trust. He is the man who respects the votes of Virginians as the true honor it is - and the duty it becomes to serve all Virginians."

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Jim Gilmore for Senate


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